International Projects for Children

Our Scripture distribution programs in 2017 impact children in Peru, Nicaragua, Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Jesus Loves the Little Children….

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

This tune is an unforgettable and cheerful reminder of Christ’s love for us. But what about those who don’t know that Jesus loves them? What about the children that don’t have a Bible to tell them so?

The following are stories of children who have never heard about Jesus’ love until someone gave them a Bible.

Abel’s Story, Peru

Abandoned by his parents as a small child, this young Peruvian boy named Abel travelled through life feeling rejected. Like many of his classmates, Abel lived in poverty. He longed to feel cherished. He longed to feel loved.

While living with his grandparents, Abel attended a program tailored specifically for Quechua-speaking children. A teacher noticed Abel and handed him a Bible. Abel flipped through the pages, ran his fingers across the cover and smiled warmly, cherishing the opportunity to hold his first Bible. “It was the biggest gift of my life,” he says, “My Bible tells me that Jesus loves me and gave his life for me.”

Marine’s Story, Egypt

11-year-old Marine from Egypt told us that the story of Esther had helped her be brave.

“I tell my classmates about the story of Esther and that we can all have courage in the face of fears and uncertainty.”

Neyling’s Story, Nicaragua

Neyling, who is now 13, has cancer. Living in poverty in Nicaragua, she received her Bible, beaming with joy.

“God answered my prayers. My Bible is now my partner in the fight against cancer.”

Wivinne Martha’s Story, Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

14-year-old Wivinne Martha lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo with her two younger brothers and a younger sister.

“We live only by God’s grace since our mother abandoned us. The neighbours sometimes give us something to eat. But most of the nights we go to sleep hungry. We asked if God really loved us. When the local Bible Society had a workshop for children, I learned that I can always confide in God.”

On the colourful pages of their Bible – presented in their own language and reading level – each child will discover a loving God who cares about them and has a plan for them.

You can bring the Good News to the world’s children – and make sure that every child like Abel, Marine, Neyling and Wivinne Martha know that Jesus loves them more than anything.

Support our work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru, Egypt and Nicaragua for children in need.

  • $50 will provide five children in Egypt with their very own Bible
  • $75 will bring God’s healing Word to 10 young victims of trauma in DR Congo
  • $100 will provide Bibles to 10 children who are fighting cancer in Nicaragua