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Every day people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. And every day, people are given a choice to abandon their addiction. By making the Bible available through agencies dealing with substance abusers, we are helping those in this situation find true healing and a second chance at life.

This Thanksgiving, please consider making a special gift to help make the Bible available to those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

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If we are to realize our vision of bringing God’s Word to all nations of the world, it’s not enough to distribute Bibles and hope for the best. To truly reach those who need it most, and help people engage with God’s Word, it’s critical to provide Scriptures in formats that people can use and understand.

In Syria, people have nowhere to escape to. Bombs and missiles fall constantly, causing devastating damage everywhere. The only way for them to survive is to flee the country. That’s how people become refugees. Ending up hundreds of miles away from home, with nothing and no one.

The Canadian Bible Society is partnering with the Bible Societies of Syria, Austria, Lebanon and Jordan to address the spiritual needs of refugees by providing Scriptures.

The Canadian Bible Society invites you to pray for Canada every day in July, beginning July 1 – Canada Day.

As we pray for revival, we need your ongoing support to make sure the Word of God is always accessible to every person in Canada.

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The Canadian Bible Society partners with the Bible Society in Nicaragua to bring hope to men, women and children in Nicaragua through the programs, “Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer” and “Yes, There is a Solution to Domestic Violence.” In January, a team representing CBS visited these two projects and saw first-hand the impact God’s Word is making in the lives of young cancer patients and their families, and families traumatized by domestic violence

Around the world, there are about 285 million people with visual disabilities. Most of them live in developing countries where resources to meet their needs – including Bibles that would help them through their spiritual and emotional struggles – are not readily available. This often results in loss of dignity and loss of hope for a better future.