Gifts of Securities

By donating publicly-traded shares or mutual funds to Canadian Bible Society, you can realize the benefits of making a gift in a tax-savvy way.

Please instruct your broker to transfer the securities to Canadian Bible Society’s brokerage account using the Gift of Securities form. Kindly inform us by sending a copy of the completed form to the Canadian Bible Society:

Mail: 10 Carnforth Rd., Toronto, ON M4A 2S4
Fax: 416-757-3376

The Benefits

  • You pay no tax on the capital gains that have accumulated on the securities.
  • Your donation receipt will reflect the closing market value of the shares on the day that our brokers receive them.
  • Your donation of securities can support a specific project in Canadian Ministries (Summer Camp/VBS, Military or Prison Ministries, Newcomer’s Bible or resources for clergy support).
  • Alternately, you may wish to designate your gift to International Projects for domestic violence (7 countries), children’s projects, Africa or translation projects world-wide.

Please note: Electronic transfers of securities can take up to 10 business days. To ensure that the transfer is completed by year-end and that you are eligible for a 2017 official receipt for income tax purposes, we recommend you instruct your broker on the transfer to ensure that the transaction is completed by December 31, 2017.