The Canadian Bible Society continues in its almost two-hundred-year commitment to making God's Word accessible to everyone. Around the world, CBS partners in translation and distribution projects with 145 national organizations in the United Bible Societies family. CBS is keenly focused on engaging the next generation with God's Word so that people everywhere have it, get it and live it!

The four key categories of CBS' work:


Around 70 Bibles from the Canadian Bible Society were distributed to campers during our two weeks of Kids’ Camp (ages 6-11) and Teen Camp (ages 11-14). While in previous years Bibles were given as going-home gifts at the end of the week, this time the Bibles were gifted at the beginning of the week so that they could be used in chapel, cabin devotions, and free time. What a blessing it was to see campers walking back and forth from their cabins to the chapel with Bibles in hand!

Source: Bible reading, a part of summer camp activities

It was on that Christmas party that I saw, for the first time, people pray and tell Jesus’ story. After I went back home, I looked inside the gift bag I received from my new neighbours and found, with a teddy bear and some candies, a book called, “My First Bible Story.” As its title said, it was indeed my first Bible story.

I started to read it with curiosity, and the more I read, the more I liked Jesus. “He’s a nice person,” I thought. I don’t know why, but when I was reading those stories I never doubt that Jesus is a real person who once lived like me.

Weeks after, I told my mom that I might want to become a Christian, and when she asked me why, I told her: “Because God will teach me how to love.” I didn’t know where I got this answer until four years later when I found out it was written in the Bible: “God is love.”

Source: Knowing God through my first Bible Story Book

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