CBS Provides Book of Hope for a Dry Grad Party in Edmonton

CBS Provides Book of Hope for a Dry Grad Party in Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta - The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is supporting Edmonton's Dry Grad party by providing the Book of Hope youth booklet. After seeing a need in the community, Edmonton is stepping up to the plate - giving teens an alternative grad party that is free of drugs and alcohol. Edmonton's Dry Grad Party is one of several initiatives taking place around the country where teens can come, relax, and have fun in surroundings that show them that they don't need alcohol in order to have a good time.

The Canadian Bible Society sees this event as a major opportunity to share hope with a generation that longs for it. CBS will be distributing more than 1,600 Book of Hope youth booklets to the students. Marvin Busenius, North Alberta's CBS District Director states, "CBS is thrilled to be able to provide the Book of Hope youth magazines for students attending this dry graduation party, which is a great idea. Youth are the future of our country. As we recognize their potential, we want them to become engaged with the life changing truth and hope found in God's Word."

Through the Book of Hope booklet, the youth will receive Scripture, life stories, and information about the issues they are facing today - showing them that what God has to say, is truly relevant for their lives. This is just one way that CBS is working with Canadian youth. Another youth initiative includes the distribution of New Testaments through campusfire, an organization that works on high school and college/university campuses to meet young people at the point of their need with free Scriptures.

The Dry Grad event is being sponsored by several community-based organizations, including The Edge Student Ministries. They describe themselves as, "...a culture that speaks life and truth in the midst of a world speaking death and lies. We bring hope amongst the hopeless. We stir up vision and destiny because each youth has potential that needs to be released."

About the Canadian Bible Society:

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been in existence for more than 100 years, to promote and encourage - without doctrinal note or comment - translation, publication, distribution, and engagement with the Scriptures throughout Canada and the world. Because the Bible's life giving message of forgiveness, justice, and hope is needed to transform the lives of people everywhere, CBS distributes Scripture resources in English, French, and 100 other languages. Together, with 145 national Bible Societies worldwide, 380 million Scriptures were distributed last year.

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