Canadian Bible Society Celebrates Distribution of 1 million Bibles in Cuba

Canadian Bible Society Celebrates Distribution of 1 million Bibles in Cuba

“Seeking Creative Ways to Engage Society with Scripture”  

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has just celebrated the distribution of 1 million Bibles in Cuba last month. Having just returned in June from the United Bible Society’s (UBS) annual gathering in Cuba, CBS National Director Rev. Dr. Rupen Das made this landmark announcement.

“This is an important achievement for UBS and the people of Cuba as the UBS combined Bible Societies have together distributed a total of over 4 million Bibles in this mainly communist country. We here at CBS have been a part of this significant combined effort to distribute Bibles and engage in their spiritual development.” said Dr. Das.

In addition to celebrating this important milestone in Cuba, there was also an opportunity to hear what Bible Societies around the world are doing. In Canada, significant indigenous translation partnerships exist for CBS as we are currently involved with the Plains Cree in Saskatchewan and the Inuit people of Nunavut. Amongst others, we also serve the thriving Punjabi Christian community in Western Canada with an emerging Scripture revision project.

“We can be inspired with the new global projects we see as we respond to these opportunities and be encouraged to move forward with new initiatives for the Canadian Bible Society.” says Dr. Das.

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