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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Toronto: The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is distributing disaster relief resources to fire-stricken provinces in Western Canada.

Bibles, New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs and Words of Comfort, a booklet designed especially for times of disaster, are on their way to help provide spiritual solace as forest fires continue to rage.

British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan have been devastated by fires this summer, blazes some experts say may not be fully contained until the arrival of winter snow, still months away. New fires continue to ignite daily in Canada’s western provinces with troops, firefighters and volunteers fighting the flames and helping beleaguered citizens, thousands of whom have been evacuated from their homes and communities.

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Don Hutchinson, Bal Gosal, and Don Miller

Thursday, July 9, 2015

TORONTO—Don Hutchinson, National Director, CEO (Interim) for the Canadian Bible Society and Don Miller, Director of Canadian Ministry met with the Honourable Bal Gosal, Canada’s Minister of State for Sport, to present special editions of Christian Scriptures. Gosal (MP, Bramalea-Gore-Malton) was given English/Spanish and French/Portuguese New Testaments and a four-language (Spanish, Portuguese, French and English) version of the Gospel of John.

The meeting highlighted the Canadian Bible Society’s vital partnership with the multi-faith chaplaincy of the Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games. It took place Wednesday, June 24 at Gosal’s constituency office in Brampton, Ontario.

The Canadian Bible Society published and packaged the New Testaments which are now stocked in the Athletes’ Village for distribution by More Than Gold.  The Gospel portions will be distributed outside of event venues. The Village will soon become a home away from home for thousands of athletes from 41 countries who will participate in the Games – the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games.

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Copies of Pan Am Bibles

Thursday, June 11, 2015

TORONTO—As this city prepares to host 7,500 athletes and up to a quarter-of-a-million visitors and volunteers from 41 countries for this summer’s Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, the Canadian Bible Society is taking steps to ensure God’s Word will be readily available for those who want to read it.

Athlete’s Village (a home away from home for competitors throughout the Games) will be stocked with special edition Sports New Testaments. The Christian Scriptures – specially published and packaged for these Games in partnership with More than Gold – will be dropped off at St. Paul’s Basilica (83 Power St, Toronto) at 10 a.m. on June 17.

More Than Gold 2015 (a partnership of some 300 individual Christian leaders representing over 10 denominations and more than 50 organizations) staff and volunteers will move 6000 New Testaments and other supplies into the Village throughout the day. CBS will also be providing a full braille Bible for the Games.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TORONTO, Ontario—(Canadian Christian News Service) The Canadian Bible Society, in partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – Canada (FCPO) is seeking the public’s assistance to help a lost Bible find its way home.

Even if “home” is at the ends of the Earth.

The Bible in question shows evidence of being dearly loved, a priceless treasure. And when it came into the possession of one of the FCPO’s members, he knew he had to see it safely back into the hands of its owner.

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Woman writing notes at the conference

Friday, April 24, 2015

GUELPH, Ont. – (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) – The Mother Tongue Translator (MTT) Workshop, April 20-24, is a one-week workshop, held in Guelph, Ont., and hosted by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) for First Nations translators who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in translation principles.

The workshop is targeted to both beginner and more experienced translators who wish to be more effective in written communication in their own language, and interact with other First Nations speakers who are engaged in language development.

Building on years of partnership and expertise in First Nations translation of Scripture, this workshop equips First Nations speakers interested in doing translation at the personal, family, community, church, band, or business level.

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Myles Leitch

Monday, March 16, 2015

TORONTO - (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) - Dr. William Brackney, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Myles Leitch as Director of Scripture Translation for the Canadian Bible Society.

Dr. Leitch's background - as a professional academic linguist and professor (most recently with Tyndale University College & Seminary) combined with more than 20 years of service as a linguistic consultant and field director in Francophone Africa with Wycliffe-SIL - will contribute significantly to and guide the work of the Scripture Translation Department in the years ahead.

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Bible program tackles domestic violence in the Caribbean Marking International Women’s Day, March 8 Say the word ‘Caribbean’ and many people think of wide sandy beaches, palm trees and holidays - a kind of paradise. But for a growing number of women there, life is anything but paradise, blighted by the violence they experience at home. That’s why Bible Societies in the region are using the Bible to tackle this increasing scourge, with encouraging results.

*Mary had been trapped in a violent relationship for many years, with her partner’s attacks landing her in hospital several times. She was desperate for help but had no idea what to do. When the Bible Society began equipping churches to assist victims of domestic violence, Mary finally received the help she needed and is starting to turn her life around.

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TORONTO (November 5, 2014) - Dr. William H. Brackney, Chairman of the Board of Governors and President of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) announced today that current National Director, Rev. Ted Seres, will conclude his tenure in this role on November 14th, 2014.

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The Gift for Life: Your church, reaching out this Christmas

Earlier this spring, a group of nine Canadian Bible agencies together with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, partnered to undertake the Canadian Bible Engagement Study. With the study results revealing concerning trends in Bible reading and engagement, the Canadian Bible Society has chosen to launch a series of national initiatives with the goal of resourcing churches in effectively reaching their neighbourhoods with the Bible. The first initiative, The Gift. For Life, launches across Canada on May 28, 2014.

The Gift. For Life is a Christmas resource created specifically for the church. With a distinct, contemporary visual style, the kit presents churches with a new, high-value, low-cost opportunity to connect with their communities—providing the church with the perfect gift to invite people to explore the real meaning of the Christmas message.

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Collection of photos from block party

It was a block party like no other. There was food, games and music and lots of opportunities for neighbours to interact. But MoveIn’s 5th Annual Block Party in Lowertown – one of Ottawa’s low-income neighbourhoods – was more than just a block party. In this party, God’s Word was the main feature.

More than 350 residents from various ages joined MoveIn’s block party, organized in partnership with local churches who provided volunteers and financial support. About 800 hotdogs were eaten along with watermelon, popcorn and other treats. Local Christian artists provided live music and a mime team presented the gospel. Residents also had the opportunity to listen to testimonies of God delivering people from drugs and violence. During the party, 150 Bibles in English, French and Arabic, provided by the Canadian Bible Society, were distributed; a great number of kids Bible tracts were also handed out. Volunteers shared the gospel with many neighbours and a number of people facing very difficult personal situations were able to connect with the MoveIn team and find practical help in the name of Jesus.

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