Bike for Bibles

“Through our spokes, God speaks!”

Bike for Bibles (B4B) is an annual CBS event that brings cycling enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life together for a time of fellowship on the road - with one purpose in mind - to help raise funds for Bible distribution and translation projects.

Last year, more than 130 cyclists in 17 locations across Canada raised over $110,000 to help bring healing to people traumatized by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda through the She's My Sister program. This year, B4B will help raise funds for The Good Samaritan program.

What is The Good Samaritan program?

Good Samaritan program in actionThe Good Samaritan Program is the Bible Society’s approach in addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa where there is a great need for people to be educated about the disease. It is currently running in more than 20 African countries. The Bibe Societies in these countries provide Bible-based materials for trainings and workshops. Reports have shown a significant change in the way people view the disease and those who are infected. Through The Good Samaritan program:

  • People infected with HIV/AIDS learn that they have value and that there is hope in God. Those who have been through the workshops became productive members of their communities again.
  • Communities became aware about how HIV is transmitted and treated. As a result, they no longer treat those infected with the disease as outcasts; they learned how to become Good Samaritans to those who are sick.
  • The number of infection decreased. The Good Samaritan program contributes to UNAIDS' "Getting to Zero" strategy which aims to get to “zero new infections, zero discrimination, zero AIDS-related deaths by 2015.” Recently, UNAIDS has reported that among other significant gains in the fight against the disease, there has been a 35% drop in the number of newly infected children since 2009.

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This year’s B4B will raise $150,000 to make sure that the Good Samaritan program will continue in three African countries: Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania.

Four Bike 4 Bibles riders

Ways you can be involved

There are so many ways you support Bike for Bibles and The Good Samaritan program.

  • PARTICIPATE; BE A CYCLIST. Register for a ride today. Check out this year's ride locations.
  • ORGANIZE A RIDE. Don't see a Bike for Bibles event in your area? How about organizing one? Contact Amie Wiebe at for more information.
  • VOLUNTEER to assist with riders along their routes. Click here for details.
  • PRAY for the Bike for Bibles team as they prepare for next year's rides.
  • DONATE and support a specific rider or make a general donation. Donate today.
  • SHARE about Bike for Bibles with your family & friends who might be interested.

For more information, visit the official Bike for Bibles site at or email